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Prompt Repairs And Crack Filing Work

Having trouble with severely damaged, roughened parking lots? If you can't afford asphalt overlays, let us know. We'll do a sand seal mixture to fix your parking lot. Rely on John's Asphalt & Sealcoating in Riverside, CA for your repairs and crack filling work.

  • Our skilled staff will first use hot rubber or industrial cold pour crack fill (this can be done before sealcoating so the coating holds better)

  • Second, we saw-cut and remove

  • Next, we pulverize and place (but for asphalt only, not concrete)

  • Pulverizing is the best method for creating base material for new paving

Learn about our pulverizing process

We can grind down how many inches the client needs. This method is used for severely-damaged asphalt. Check out our asphalt overlay for allegated asphalt. Allegated asphalt is a spider-web-like formation of cracking (road has to be in decent shape to permit an overlay).

Methodical grinding and asphalt

overlay process

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We handle patching, hot rubber cracking, cold pour crack filling, and pothole repairs.


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