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Hi, John and Angel,


Thank you!  Wow!  From start-to-finish we have been so thoroughly impressed with you and your company.  From my first call to you, Angel, to how quickly John came out for the estimate.  Your estimate was very fair and we were very pleased with how soon you were able to schedule the work.


John, the quality of your work, your work ethic, the punctuality and timeliness with which everything happened are commendable and rare.  What we thought was going to be an unpleasant and difficult project turned out to be an amazing and very positive experience for us... thanks to you!


Our gratitude and best wishes to you both!


Dianna Eaton

I am pleased to recommend John’s Asphalt & Seal Coating.  


As the accountant and treasurer of the Newberry Ranch Neighborhood Association in Cherry Valley, California, which represents 83 homeowners who own a private 2-lane asphalt road consisting of approximately 1.1 miles,  we retained John’s asphalt in September 2015 to restore our entire 12 year old road. The project consisted of rubberized sealing of numerous wide cracks, filling extensive pot holes, re-paving extremely rough surfaces in approximately 1/4 miles with new 1 ½ - 2” asphalt, re-sealing the entire 1.1 miles with a high-quality custom blend latex and sand sealant,  completing two new cement drainage ditches of approx.. 100 yards that required special engineering work, and erecting berms in various locations to control flooding.  We were very pleased with the overall workmanship and integrity of this company and would not hesitate to contract with  them again in the future for additional work and on-going maintenance.  


We were also pleased with employee attitudes and willingness to do additional work that was not anticipated in the original contract.  The entire project was completed on time in a quality manner and within the agreed upon contract price. Also, there were neighbors who requested additional work be completed in front of their homes, i.e., re-paving entries, cement work, re-sealing driveways, and etc.,  and to the best of my knowledge they were all satisfied with pricing and workmanship.  


I may be contacted at 951-315-4244 if there are any questions.


Dick Forrester